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Are you an independent artist?

Content Exploitation

Distribution & Publishing

Maximize your revenue and sales by ensuring your content is available in a large number or outlets and licensing agencies

Distribution & Publishing for Compositions, Masters & Videos

Distribution allows you to sell your audio and audiovisual masters in all major outlets
Publishing allows you to earn additional royalties by monetizing your compositions

Brand & Copyright Protection

Ensure your brand and copyrights are safe and track and monetize UGC containing your content

Protect & Increase your Intellectual Property's Value

Brand Protecton
Brand protection lets you to identify impersonators before they cause damage
Copyright Protection
Copyright protection lets you track and monetize third-party usage of your content

Media Licensing

Identifying Content and Rightsholders and Obtaining Licenses for Audio and Audiovisual Works can be difficult – we can make it simple for you

Identify Rightsholders and Obtain Audio or Audiovisual Licenses

Identify Content & Rightsholders
We can identify content and its rightsholders – even in difficult cases
Obtain Content Licenses
We can efficiently and quickly obtain the content licenses you need

Auxiliary Services

Server & Web Hosting

Ensure your web presence is quick and secure at all times

Best Interconnections and Performance for your Web Presence

Server Hosting
High performance virtual servers give you full control and flexibility
Web Hosting
The quick and easy way to a secure web presence

Managed Content Operations

Content Operations can be hard to get right and getting it wrong can have legal and business impact. We can get it right for you.

Ensure your Content is Clean and Ready for Exploitation

Automated Content Review
Accuracy and cost optimized using ACR technology and proprietary algorithms
Managed Content Operations
Let our expert team manage your catalog for you

Managed Distributor

A complete webapp for your artists to upload and manage their content

Make Uploading and Managing their content easy for your Artists

For Distributors
An all in one service with all the backend features a distributor needs
For Labels
An easy to use website for your artists to upload and manage their content